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Buy Furanylfentanyl or as you can also find Fu-F is a research chemical, which action and side effects are similar to fentanyl.

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Fentanyl Furanylfentanyl (fu-f)analogs are synthetic opioids that bind to mu receptors with high potency. We report two cases where users developed apnea and required naloxone reversal after exposure to small quantities of the fentanyl analogs, furanylfentanyl and ß-hydroxyfentanyl.

WHAT IS nonstoprcsupplier<> order online furanylfentanyl

Furanylfentanyl was identified in the first patient’s serum (3.6 ng/mL furanylfentanyl), urine (17.6 ng/mL furanylfentanyl) , and in the product (109mg/g powder). ß-hydroxyfentanyl was detected in the second patient’s serum (6.5 ng/mL ß-hydroxyfentanyl) and in the product (120 mg/g powder).

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furanylfentanyl and ß-hydroxyfentanyl, intentional insufflation of “fentanyl” for therapeutic and recreational use, the small quantities of powder ingested, and the use of non-targeted analysis to identify the fentanyl analogs.

Beta-hydroxy fentanylfuranylfentanylfentanylrespiratory depressionnaloxone


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